Heaven is a Place on Earth: The Radiance of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth in Action

Heaven is a Place on Earth : The Radiance of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth in Action

It has been a while since I wrote an Earth Log. When I looked back I saw that the last one was at the end of March, just before I left for my tour of the Middle East and Europe. What an intense and wonderful two months it was, and what an immense privilege to be with groups and gatherings of wonderful people in four different countries. Wherever I went, the energy was incredibly high frequency as groups of us just "did it" and entered into the Fifth Dimension as a Group of Loving Light energies focused as One in the Light. From the shores of the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land to the hills below Tomar Castle in Portugal, the energy of Love, Joy and Bliss was a part of the experience. Heaven is indeed a place on Earth!

I have not as yet has the time to download my own photos and video, but that will come as I intend to share my experiences with you on the website, but here is an image taken at the last ceremony that I did in Portugal. Sixty six beautiful Lightworkers joined together in an intense and beautiful ceremony that lasted for three hours, in which we celebrated our reconnection with the elemental energies and the dragon families. The image was taken during one of the breaks we had between the ceremonies, and it holds some of the energy.tomar

After days of cold and rainy weather, the sun came out and the day was perfect. The elementals joined us to create a perfect day. The Family of Light who came worked in total Harmony and Love, and I can only thank the four wonderful women who stepped forward to be the Keepers of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water elements, and Maria Joao who was the translator. It was probably the most beautiful ceremony I have ever participated in, and it was for me an experience of the Radiance of the Fifth Dimension and the New Earth as we worked together as One.

While I was in this two month period of joy and grace, there was much chaos and confusion going on in the "outer" world. It did affect me, for when the Volcano in Iceland caused the closure of Frankfurt airport, I had to stay in Israel for an extra week and that disrupted my schedule for Germany. But, I was able to get a flight in time for the first gathering at Gross Kochberg and all was well. Except for the fact that my bag stayed behind in Istanbul, and I had to do the first gathering in Germany in borrowed clothes! It was just fine...everyone looked after me and offered clothes so I felt well loved and cared for, and 6 days later my bag arrived at the door!

A common theme in the channels that I did with Archangel Michael in this tour, was the opening of the new energy vortex in the Light Body and the establishment of a new center of gravity for the Human Angelic Body. This went along with some pretty intense symptoms in the throat and chest area, which started for me in Israel. By the time I arrived in Germany, I was almost without a voice, and the first gathering was done not only in borrowed clothes, but croaking from a very husky throat accompanied by coughing. Fortunately, my translator, Anja Ida, knows me well and was able to translate the croaks into German!

But, despite the problems, I felt incredibly well, and continued to feel well and happy, even when coughing. The opening of this new vortex and the shift allows for a new sense of balance. This is the "connection" chakra that allows you to connect and to transmit more clearly in the Fifth Dimension. As Michael says, it situates your energy between Compassion and the Will to Create, which is the High Heart and the Throat chakra. This new point of balance enables you to move through the energy waves with a sense of Joy and with none of the "symptoms" that were part of the ascension journey before. It is, as Michael also said, the point of "breakthrough into bliss".

The old "center of gravity" in the Human Body was between the Solar Plexus and the Heart, or between Power and Love. Now the shift is to the Higher Consciousness of Compassion and the Will to Create from Love and Compassion. This new center is situated higher in the body, and so allows for a better balance with the powerful Cosmic energies that enter the Earth and the Light Body with the Cosmic waves. The old symptoms of imbalance then disappear, and what is left is a wonderful feeling of Joy and Happiness and Fun.

I was always certain that Ascension was not meant to be a miserable process, and that we were not meant to be subject to endless "cleansing" and rewiring. It seems that at last we have evolved to a point where the Light Body geometries are perfectly balanced with the physical body structures, and we can move forward without the stress and trauma that so many people have experienced at times of high energy waves. For we can be sure that in the next two years, we will continue to experience waves of intense Cosmic energy.

For me, this opening and activation has meant a new feeling of lightness and an ability to trust more in the processes of life. At the same time, the problems and imbalances that were so much a part of my 2009 experiences are melting away and a new sense of purpose and balance is emerging. A New Me for the New Earth! I celebrate this Rebirth with my Dear Friends, Family of Light, and My Beloved Soul Partner. Life is Good!

Of course, if we fall out of this new balance and back into the old "center of gravity", then we fall back into the chaos and stress of the old energies, where people are still trying to get their balance in the incoming waves of energy with the old center point. And feeling pressured and angry and unhappy. It is only by raising our "center", literally, that we can "flow" with the new energies. The work that I did in the gatherings in the Middle East and Europe was designed to assist people to enter into the flow of Oneness and to raise the point of "center" to this new chakra or vortex of Creation and Compassion. It was an effortless process mostly, and people flowed into it with ease and harmony!

Of course, the Dolphin matrix energy has been spun into place by the Dolphins to assist in this process, and working with the Dolphin Energy Transmissions was an important part of the gatherings and an important tool in assisting people to make this next step in their Light Body evolution. I was grateful to the Eilat Dolphin Pod for working with me and inviting me to channel their energy as a way of assisting groups of people to reconnect to the elemental world, access the energy of Oneness with others and activate this new "center" of Balance and Connection.

My thanks go to Diane in Toronto, Canada, who pointed out to me that after she had been through this process, she felt the need to ground and connect with her Earth Star chakra. I must agree, and say that when I was working with Michael on these activations, he always emphasized that people should be very grounded and connected. The new "center" is higher, and therefore requires that people be connected to the Earth Star so that they can adjust to this new center of balance. I know it is a physical reality, because when I tried to do yoga the other day, I kept falling over in the balance exercises because I have not yet fully integrated the physical aspects of this new center of balance.

But, I am feeling such Joy in the adventure of life that I have not felt for years. I have an inner Peace and Contentment that increases my capacity for Love and Trust. I seem to be moving away from the intense feelings of anxiety that I have had for so many years as a result of the energy and light pressure on my nervous system, and instead feeling a restful peace within. At last! And going along with this is a new connection to my Inner Feminine Goddess energy and a sense of trusting my expression of this energy. It is all Good and in Divine Order.

So, the Breakthrough into Bliss is indeed a part of the New Earth reality, no matter where you are. You don't have to go looking for Paradise, it is within you and waiting to be experienced at that point between Compassion and Creation! Of course, being in a physical Paradise does make the whole experience that much more enjoyable, and so we begin to manifest the New Earth so that we may enjoy our New Being and our transformed DNA and energy. We are emerging into the New Era of Light as Beings of Light and Energy, Beings of Compassion and Love and Joy! We are Changed, we are Re-birthed, and it is Wonderful!

So, I will be writing more about the work and the tour, but for now a big thank you to all who worked with me in Israel, Germany, Latvia and Portugal. To Eko, who helped me to discover the "Oneness Group Connection" exercise on the banks of the River Jordan in Israel, thank you for your Love and Support! To Ofra and Dvora in Israel, to Anja Ida, Manfred, Brigitte, Christiane and Liz in Germany, to Alena and Alex in Latvia and Isabel and Ana in Portugal. A Big Thank You. And to all the Lightworkers who came to the Gatherings, thank you for your Love and Joy! We are One! And to the Dolphin Family of Light, thank you for your Love and Support! We ascend together....As One.



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